Let’s talk creative

Let's Talk Creative

Recently our founder, Alison Harris, got to share at Ogilvy & Mather SA about her favorite topic, creativity. Ogilvy hosted Sk8 for Gr8 in their 'How2Friday' session to inspire and get the creative juices flowing. We felt we couldn't dictate what creativity is, but rather give some tips as to how to be your most creative self. Below are a few main points highlighted by Harris.

You are created. How can you not be creative?

One of the first steps to accessing your creative side is coming to terms with the fact that you are creative. You may not be an artist or designer, but you are still creative. So often we box ourselves into job roles, missing out on the pure magic of ideation and creativity. Your story is created, your genetic make-up is created, so in essence you have to be creative (it is in your being).

Are you listening?

Conversations are where the real magic happens. Through listening to more people and listening to the people you are designing for and/or helping, you are able to create something that can really make an impact. Sk8 for Gr8 was founded on the premise of listening. Through Sunday lunches with kids, I realised that kids were not aware of the creative opportunities out there, and hence the creation of a mentorship program. If you don't listen, your 'solution' might just be perpetuating the problem.

How big is your bubble?

We are always listening to what we want to hear, what suits us, what makes us happy. Even the internet gives us what we want to read (everything is tailored to inflating our own personal bubble). But to truly challenge the norm, we need to pop that bubble. “Don't judge a book by it's cover” is a very important saying, in this case. We are often told how discomfort is a bad thing, when in fact it can be the best thing that happened to you. Yes, of course, take this within context. But often when we are feeling uncomfortable, that is when the best learnings take place.

So instead of getting defensive straight off, maybe just listen and ponder.

Then you just need to jump.

Take the risk knowing that you can fail. Become comfortable with failing, because only then will you truly live. A wise lady (Stephanie Polly Simbo) once said that fail stands for "first attempt in learning" and I believe that wise lady. When you first learnt to walk did you not fall on your bottom several times? So why not take a risk. You might fail, but heck you might just succeed too.

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