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"I work with Erin, a.k.a “Muis”, on a weekly basis through Nebula Skate, so I was very familiar with him… but the workshops brought out a completely new side to him. I watched him being a child. It was an uplifting experience for me as a designer, because that child-like passion taught me to appreciate and enjoy the process of design again.

It reminded me to become more childlike in my designs and to work excitedly again. I realised that something which might seem insignificant to me could have a big influence on future generations of creatives.

The ‘Muis’ illustration was inspired by a question posed to the kids during the workshops. When asked what they would do if they were president for a day, Erin’s simple yet amazingly inspiring answer was, “I would give all the people in my area money, skateboards and shoes to keep them off the streets”. I want to celebrate that simple, honest and unconditional passion."

A piece inspired by Erin and created by Kurt Daley