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Blooms on Black

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"Storm strikes me to be intelligent and kind. His creativity is young, as is his laugh, but what impressed me was his mature eye. We doodled, painted and thought of new ideas. But when it came time to start painting the deck, I felt overwhelmed at all the routes I could go. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure if he’d like it. He is a dude after all, and I had blooms in mind. Intense & emotive ones at that. I thought it wise to consult the little man and present a few options (one being the idea I was silently hoping for). We explored some typography options, colour pallets, and sneakers as subjects. But he chose the blooms on black. Say what!

The Blooms on Black are a collection I started last year as a product of struggle and the choice of perception. There is so much beauty to see amidst darkness - so much detail to miss in trial. What a shame to not lay hold of these aspects, in people, in places, in ourselves, and in Faith."

A piece inspired by Storm Scholtz and created by Claudia Liebenberg