Donate to Our Workshops

Sk8 for Gr8 is a creative social enterprise exposing kids to the potential of creativity and all that it has to offer; careers, opportunities and businesses. 

We run design thinking workshops where we take kids through the design thinking approach and expose them to thought leaders within the industry. Our Trust currently relies on donations to support all of this and this is where you come in (every donation counts).

 Our banking details are as follows:

  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account name: THE SOLVE COLLECTIVE TRUST IT001256/2016(C)
  • Account Number: 62716794393
  • Branch Number: 250655 (universal code for all FNB accounts)
  • Reference: Donate+YourName

You can also get involved by:

  • Becoming a mentor in our 'Sk8 for Gr8 mentoring workshops'
  • Becoming a speaker in our 'Sk8 for Gr8 mentoring workshops'
  • Hosting your own 'Sk8 for Gr8 mentoring workshop' with the help of Sk8 for Gr8
  • Getting on board and collaborating with us, we love collaboration!
  • Partnering with us with your products (You supply the product, we supply the design,
    and together we can both make the world a better place)

We don't like to limit opportunities. Get in touch and let's start creating.

For any queries or further questions, please contact us at