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"It was such a privilege to work with Ayanda. I think Ayanda and I are quite similar in that we both tend to get lost in our imaginations, and take so much joy in that. It seems the world needs some imagining, and there's a bit of magic in that.

Our board design is called "Ncuma", which means "smiling" or "to smile" in Xhosa. That is how Ayanda inspired me - to look for the joy in life, grab a hold of it, and live by it. His wide, secretive smile breaks only sometimes, but it makes a wildness come alive in you.

Always learning with a mind for others, Ayanda says that if he was president for a day he would "make sure all schools had art classes". I hope that one day he will be the psychologist he hopes to be, helping those in need with his wildly infectious imagination."

 A piece inspired by Ayanda Koert and created by Brad Harris